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A breakthrough in healthcare software development

Move from ideation to revenue faster. Find out how Sparrow changes everything.

No matter where you are today, Sparrow moves you forward

Revitalize legacy applications
Revitalize legacy applications
Rewrite legacy applications and improve longevity for a fraction of the maintenance costs.
Dare to run out of ideas
Dare to run out of ideas
Investors love that Sparrow allows big ideas to go to market in 60% less time.
Focus on the solution
Focus on the solution
Improve both accuracy and quality by putting SMEs and customers back into focus.

Innovating for velocity

No add-ons or modules. It's all included in Sparrow. Your team can go from concept to revenue generation in dramatically less time.

Automate the Full SDLC
Automate the Full SDLC
QMS From the Source
QMS From the Source
Zero-Defect Solutions
Zero-Defect Solutions

Sparrow is powered by S+LANG

Our proprietary engine serves as the single source of truth for getting your product and enhancements to market

  • Code
  • Data
  • Testing
  • Documentation

The no-code UI puts a clinician in the driver's seat.

No hand-offs or misunderstood requirements.

Straightforward data integration via a microservices-based architecture operates seamlessly in the background.

Achieve a zero-defect solution thanks to S+LANG's ability to write and execute test scripts without intervention.

Real-time compliance documentation is generated automatically as the application comes to life.